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Leathers: FAQ

Tuesday, 01 April 2014 by Jackie Cawthra

Chevre (Goat Skin)

N.B. Colour chart pictures are available on request but we do not have any chevre apart from the first brown in stock, so we are not able to supply swatches.

1. Are there any bags which cannot be produced in chevre? If so, why?

We can produce most bags in goat skin, but the prices will be much higher because on particularly large bags, or bags with large panels more skins will be required. Some bags cannot be produced at all. They are currently Hold Me Maxi and I'm Beautiful. If you are interested in a London Tote, a Hold Me, a Take Me Away large or a Take Me Anywhere, please enquire with us and we will look into the options.

2. Please explain the different Chevre leathers

As at September 2012 we have several kinds of Chevre. One is a washed leather which is available in many colours. It is called Dixan.

Another is called bubble and it is a matte skin with deep lines. It is butter soft and available in black and dark blue for Autumn 2012.

The third is a bubble glossy chevre. It is very hardwearing, with a wonderful texture. It is our 'rock star' goatskin.

Last but not least is a leather called Monk Nas. It is a textured matte leather and very beautiful. Our whiskey chevre is Monk Nas. We also have a black and new colours are available regularly.

Chevre leather tends not to be totally uniform and on the coloured leathers particularly some natural markings are to be expected, especially on Dixan skins and on larger bags, see below.

3. Which bags do you recommend in Chevre?

There are a few bags for which chevre is perfect. These are: Covet Me, Madrid Crossbody, Treasure Me, Love Me midi, Supernova clutch, Clutch Me, Rock Me, Enchant Me, Inspire Me. Small bags are better than large bags.

An important note about larger bags: a bag with large panels is more likely to show small imperfections because it is not possible to cut the small skins in such a way that any natural markings can be avoided.

3. How do I purchase a Chevre bag?

Email rose(@) with your colour selection once you have seen the colour charts. We will place the order. So long as the colour is available it will take 5-6 weeks for delivery so it is best to do it in advance.

4. Which blue would you recommend as an alternative to black?

We recommend our dark blue bubble chevre as a nice alternative to black. It is quite dark but classic and wearable.

5. I want a nice red. Which one do you recommend?

We like 6280 as a warm pinkish raspberry (slightly darker) red and 6444 as a bright but not over the top lighter red.

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