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05 Aug 2010
Question - Why is the BEC price for a Kiss Me clutch more than the stock price?
Answer - Nowadays we have different price lists depending on the quantity of bags we order.

For bags, if we order 1-2 pieces it costs one price, 8 pieces another price, etc.

For smaller items the jump is not to 8 pieces but to 20 pieces. The difference can be significant, up to $80. For one bag, the difference can be up to $200. This is why our BEC prices are higher, but at the moment not high enough.

It’s also the reason why smaller items are not offered as individual bespoke orders, and can only be ordered as a group. We have different manufacturers for some of the wallets and purses, so the rules are not always the same. However, for the time being the Kiss Me clutches are always produced by our prime atelier and the price is the price listed under BEC because the product is only on BEC for a bespoke group.
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