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06 Jan 2010
Question - A few of us have been discussing the fact that different batches of leathers can vary in colour. We were wondering whether you could number each dye lot so that the customer knows that they are getting exactly the same as someone else.
Answer - Thanks for your feedback.

Your suggestion would be a very good one if leather were more uniform. But the colour and texture of leather can vary slightly even on the same skin - from one side of the skin to another. Cataloguing this would take a lot of time and more importantly, it would be very difficult to explain slight changes in a systematic way, so it just is not possible to do.

As stated on our website, leather can vary slightly in colour from skin to skin and even within one skin, meaning that although in most cases the difference will not be discernable, each bag may be a little bit different frmo the next. If you need to match a bag that you have already purchased, we suggest that you request a leather swatch right before the bag is made so that you can make sure it will work for you and avoid disappointment.

Although this is already stated in the help section of our site, we are making some adjustments to the layout of our site and we will be adding this statement and other policies so that all customers are more aware of this.
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