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Looking for fake Louis Vuitton of the highest quality? Continue reading as I share with you about high quality Louis Vuitton replicas that will fool any fashionistas around you!

I’ll get this out of the way immediately: I love LV. (The brand, not the man – he died in 1892 so I never met him, although I’m sure I’d love him too.)

The quality and durability of LV’s handmade products, their impeccable design and timeless elegance, plus the image and distinction they convey, make LV bags and accessories truly special. By extension, so are the people who wear and carry them.

Louis Vuitton ranks as one of the top three luxury brands in the world in nearly every customer survey, and is the most valuable by revenue and profit. It’s not hard to understand why so many people, including me, always crave their next LV handbag.

It’s also easy to understand why there’s a huge market for replica Louis Vuitton bags that’s more affordable than the real ones. Unfortunately, most of those replica handbags online are (pardon the expression) “crap”.

Often, those fake designer bags for sale are poorly-made in small home factories, with virtually no attention paid to their look or durability. Fret not, as there’s a way to avoid this.

If you want to know just about anything about real vs. fake Louis Vuitton, keep reading. I’m Belene Chandia, and I’m your girl for high quality replica handbags.

High Quality Louis Vuitton Replicas Facts

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Replica designer handbags I’ve acquired from LuxurytasticRep.

When you’re single with a good job, you’re free to set your spending priorities (within reason, of course). And as a single woman in Miami, one of the most fashion-conscious cities anywhere, my priorities definitely included adding LVs to my wardrobe.

My parents weren’t wealthy but they weren’t poor, either. And my mother always carried an LV purse whenever she went to work, for the evening or to a family gathering. The first time I asked her about it, she said “Every woman needs at least one luxury in her life.”

I remembered those words while I was growing up and paying attention to the stylish women I saw on the streets of Miami and South Beach. I saw lots of fake Gucci, lots of Chanel replica, a good deal of other high-end brands – but I always focused on LV.

Knowing that, you might be able to guess that an LV accessory was my first “splurge” after I started getting my own paychecks. It was just a handbag but it was expensive, it was gorgeous and I proudly wore it almost everywhere.

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Replica purses and other purchases that I’ve made over the years from LuxurytasticRep.

The positive feedback I received was probably the number-one thing that fueled what became a full-fledged Louis Vuitton addiction. I bought authentic LV bags, wallets and shoes whenever I could afford them, and even though I didn’t earn enough to fill my closet with their merchandise, it was unusual to see me in public without something LV. (One of my best friends actually nicknamed me “Looie!”)

Life changes mean lifestyle changes, though. A couple of years ago I got married, and a short time later I had a beautiful baby girl. I loved my new life, but hated what it did to my finances: I had no more discretionary income to spend at my favorite LV store in Miami’s Design District. Any extra money I had was being spent on cribs, walkers, jumpers, baby clothes, car seats – I adore my little girl, but I can’t believe how much it costs to raise her. I still had my beloved Louis Vuitton collection, but I couldn’t add to it. I was going crazy.

Then it dawned on me. For years, I’d been seeing references on LV chat-boards about high-quality Louis Vuitton knock off designer handbags available online, and links to websites that sell knock off Louis Vuitton merchandise that’s just like the originals. But I was always too much of a snob to pay attention. There was plenty of information about where to find Louis Vuitton fake bags that were worth buying, but I laughed and passed right by the posts.

My new life situation, though, convinced me to go back and take another look. Lots of women claimed that when you order high quality replica handbags online from certain reputable sites (Luxurytastic Replicas was the one they recommended most often), it’s impossible to distinguish Louis Vuitton original vs fake. I still wasn’t sure I believed them.

But since I wasn’t going to be able to afford the genuine LVs for quite a while, I figured it couldn’t hurt to see for myself how good these designer replica bags are.

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Some of the best replica handbags I’ve acquired from LuxurytasticRep that have developed the ‘LV Patina’ well.

So how good are Louis Vuitton replicas and imitation handbags? I test purchased an imitation Louis Vuitton belt (for hundreds less than the authentic one), and I was amazed when I got it. It was just as gorgeous and just as well-made as the first LV belt I’d purchased years before!

Needless to say, I ordered a more-expensive Louis Vuitton imitation bag from their website – and it was incredible, fabulous in every way and in every small detail. The only thing that was different, to my eye, was the price tag.

The Louis Vuitton fake bag cost 75% less than the real deal, and when I wore it to work the next day, all I heard were compliments for my spectacular new LV replica handbag. It was clearly high-end work, and while everyone else thought it was authentic, I knew it was simply the best Louis Vuitton replica bag available.

I still have my “addiction,” but now it’s a secret addiction to high quality replica bags especially the LV ones. My closet is finally filled with knockoff Louis Vuitton merchandises (along with the originals I’d bought before I got married). My co-workers, friends and family can’t tell the difference between the Louis Vuitton fake vs real merchandise, and quite honestly, neither can I.

And the prices are amazing. How much are Louis Vuitton replicas? Even if you purchase the very best replica handbag, they’re still going to be a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars lower than the real thing, depending on the product.

If you’re interested enough to try buying replica Louis Vuitton, here are the six best fake Louis Vuitton items I’ve bought so far.

Best Fake Louis Vuitton Belt

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My first purchase for a replica was this lovely belt from LuxurytasticRep, before I started purchasing their high quality replica designer bags.

This was the purchase I got from Luxurytastic that fully convinced me that no one can distinguish Louis Vuitton original vs fake items. My sister owned an authentic LV Initiales 30MM reversible canvas belt, so I decided to order a replica version so that I could secretly compare the two. And just as I had hoped, I failed the “Louis Vuitton fake or real test” – they looked, felt and wore exactly the same.

The replica LV belt was everything the original belt was: burgundy calf leather on one side and contrasting Monogram canvas on the reverse side, with a gold-finished brass LV buckle. Since the materials are sourced from the same type of European suppliers that LV uses, I couldn’t tell the difference. The detailing on my belt was impeccable, and it felt just as luxurious and durable as the expensive LV belt that cost my sister more than $500 (even though mine only cost $167).

This belt is 1.2” wide and available in seven different lengths, from 26”-42” (Euro sizes 80-110), and is an exact 1:1 replica of the original. It was a steal, and the best Louis Vuitton belt replica I’ve ever bought.

Best Replica Louis Vuitton Bags

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One of the best replica purses from LuxurytasticRep that I fell in love with.

The Neverfull is not only one of the most iconic LV bags ever produced, its name perfectly describes its most important attribute: at 15.7” by 13 x 7.9 inches, the Neverfull is so large that it always seems that’s there’s more room inside. And it’s one of the strongest bags or totes you’ll ever see.

The knock off Louis Vuitton Neverfull from Luxurytastic is made from tough Monogram canvas with exactly the same size and quality as the original, along with the same natural cowhide leather trim. It also has the same redesigned interior, featuring brightly-colored textile lining and heritage detailing straight from the LV archives.

One more thing that makes the Neverfull replica bag so special is the detachable zippered clutch with an interior that matches the larger bag. The Louis Vuitton Neverfull replica bag version defines perfect reproduction by getting even this detail exactly right. It’s a stunning bag, it wears and looks exactly like the authentic version – but it’s priced $970 lower. I absolutely love this bag.

Louis Vuitton Fake Backpack

fake louis vuitton backpack
This Palm Springs backpack is one of my favorite replica designer bags from LuxurytasticRep.

Luxury-brand backpacks have soared in popularity over the last ten years, and as a new mother with a limited budget, I couldn’t live without my Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack mini replica.

Forget the images of a struggling student or wandering teenager that the term “backpack” might bring to mind. The authentic Palm Springs Monogram backpack is sturdy while also luxurious, functional as well as beautiful, and sells at LV outlets for well over two thousand dollars!

I got my fake Louis Vuitton backpack for less than $500 and these days I wear it more than any other bag in my collection. It’s perfect for trips with my daughter, whether we’re taking a nice long walk or headed to the mall, and it lets me do both without abandoning my sense of style.

The Louis Vuitton backpack replica is made from soft, coated Monogram canvas with calfskin trim (complete with foam backing), and has the same high-quality nylon lining you’ll find on the LV original. There’s a padded leather top handle along with two padded shoulder straps, and plenty of storage with an outside zip pocket, an inside flat pocket, and a roomy interior with a double-zip closure (and engraved zipper pulls). The replica Louis Vuitton backpack even has a leather scarf loop.

Any upscale mom would die for this piece from Louis Vuitton; fake vs. real doesn’t matter once you see the 1:1 quality of this Louis Vuitton replica bag.

Best Louis Vuitton Knock Off Handbags

louis vuitton knockoff handbags
Who said that designer knockoff handbags won’t look good on you? Thanks LuxurytasticRep for this beautiful bag!

The LV Speedy Bandouliere was first introduced nearly 90 years ago and remains one of the designer’s best-loved bags, now produced in a wide variety of leathers, colors, styles and colors. When you wear one, it practically screams to everyone in the immediate vicinity: “I’m wearing Louis Vuitton!”

My best friend owns an authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 30 and I’ve always been incredibly jealous. After I started buying knock off Louis Vuitton bags, though, I kept wondering whether I dared to order a replica of this iconic LV purse and wear it out with her, to see whether anyone noticed.

I finally did — and they didn’t. Any lingering questions in the back of my mind like “are replica Louis Vuitton bags good enough to fool true LV lovers?” were permanently put to rest. This is the best replica Louis Vuitton handbag I’ve purchased, period.

My knockoff LV Speedy Bandouliere is made from the same Damier Ebène canvas and smooth leather trim, imported from Europe, that the designer has used to make these bags for years. There’s a soft textile lining with interior pocket, and a wonderfully-constructed double-zipped opening complete with padlock. This replica purse also has the iconic Toron handles and handy strap you find on authentic Speedy bags, allowing you to carry it by hand, on your shoulder or across your body.

I love the versatility of my replica LV Speedy Bandouliere 30, as well as its light weight, wonderful feel and sophisticated look. It’s the bag I usually grab when I head out for the day or evening. If you buy one of these (at more than $1000 off the authentic item’s retail price) and don’t agree that this is the best fake Louis Vuitton handbag you’ve ever owned, I’d be shocked. I’m not the only one who thinks so, either; there’s effusive praise for this Speedy wherever people post high-quality Louis Vuitton replicas reviews online.

High Quality Knockoff Louis Vuitton Wallet

fake louis vuitton wallet
Besides high quality designer replica handbags, LuxurytasticRep also sells the best knockoff LV wallet!

There’s always a flicker of recognition and appreciation in a clerk’s eyes when you pull out an LV wallet in a café or upscale boutique. And the sleek, elegant Capucines Wallet in Taurillon leather makes a statement like no other. Designed in the same elegant style as the amazing Capucines bag, the authentic matching wallet retails for more than fifteen hundred dollars. Mine cost about 350 bucks, and it’s the best Louis Vuitton wallet replica available.

Beautiful Monogram flower ornaments are attached by hand to the Taurillon leather (sourced from high-end European providers, just like the ones used by Louis Vuitton), and along with the perfectly-crafted LV secure closing system on the flap, they give this wallet the ultimate feminine appearance.

This fake Louis Vuitton wallet will hold everything you need for a day or evening out, with twelve credit card slots, two large gusseted compartments, an inside flap pocket and a zippered coin pocket contained in its lining made from fine calf leather. But simply by carrying it in your hand, you deliver the message that you’re a woman of distinction.

Fake Supreme Louis Vuitton Fanny Pack

fake louis vuitton fanny pack
Look at how beautiful this fake Louis Vuitton fanny pack I purchased from LuxurytasticRep!

One of Louis Vuitton’s most recent collaborations, and one which has furthered the brand’s identity among today’s younger style-conscious consumers, is with the famed New York skate brand Supreme. Perhaps the most popular product produced by this pairing so far is the limited-edition Supreme x Louis Vuitton Bumbag, which was an enormous hit at LV’s Paris fashion show last year. You can still find these bags, but they’re extremely rare and will run you much more than their $2200 retail price.

Unless you know where to buy high quality Louis Vuitton fakes, that is. My fake Supreme Louis Vuitton bumbag in red Epi leather, with a silver-toned zipper and microfiber lining, cost me less than $400. It may not give this 29-year old mom instant street cred when she’s just hanging out in the neighborhood, but it’s the perfect addition to my stylish, casual weekend wear.

And since this Louis Vuitton fanny pack replica is a perfect 1:1 imitation of the authentic, rare Supreme x bumbag, everyone thinks that I snatched up one of these fabulous bags when they were first released because I recognized how cool they were.

Where to Find Louis Vuitton Replica that Looks Authentic

lv replica handbags
Some other high-end LV replica bags I’ve bought from LuxurytasticRep.

The problem with buying fake LV goods is that many people don’t understand what is replica Louis Vuitton product all about. They think that the name and the logo are all that matters, and pay no attention to the quality, durability and design accuracy that make high quality Louis Vuitton replicas from China so special. Since vendors are able to sell those low-quality fakes for a profit so easily, there’s little motivation for them to put in the necessary work to craft LV replicas that really look and feel authentic.

For that reason it’s important to do your research for the best replica bags online. That will let you discover where to find fake Louis Vuitton bags and accessories which are perfect 1:1 replicas, able to fool even those who are well-versed in LV design. That’s how I discovered Luxurytastic Replicas; I’d done so much research on Louis Vuitton replica bags that I knew exactly where to look.

There are other vendors out there which sell LV replica handbags, but because of the extremely high quality and low prices I’ve found at Luxurytastic, I’m a customer for life. Besides replica designer handbags, they also sell belts and other accessories.

Whoever you choose for your fake Louis Vuitton purchases, be sure they put just as much care and work into their replica designer handbags as Luxurytastic does. You’ll be glad you did.